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Change your thinking. 

Change your story.

We explore the real passion and talents of the hearts of women so that they may be inspired and empowered to make a change.


Here, we create a special place where women propel the fulfillment of their potential and empowerment. We believe that women need to take pride in the core values of our culture, and their strategies. To make it happen, we should develop a lifestyle to fit who we truly want to be.

Receive the necessary intensive training for the essential job skills you need to earn an income and help support your family. We also help with job placement, tutoring for children Adults and substance abuse awareness and prevention. Addiction can affect any woman, regardless of income level, race, or gender.

Misuse Of Love Campaign

What We Do: We will teach children,Teens and their families how to prevent and heal from sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. We will teach the younger kids the difference between a good and bad touch and also why they shouldn't be afraid to tell if someone has violated them in anyway. We will use short skits, films, speakers and books for the teenagers and young adults, as a tool for open discussions and questions.

   It’s a terrible epidemic! that we at Change Your Story are dedicated to put an end to. To do this, we need to first increase awareness of the issue itself.

Reimagining ​the World

About Change Your Story Inc 

Change Your Story Inc is a nonprofit organization in Douglasville, Georgia that helps women find and fulfill their God-given purpose. Some have been abused as a child or have entered an abusive marriage. Others are suffering because of substance abuse.

We help them aspire to obtain and maintain a positive, ambitious outlook on life. Here, we offer counseling, career placement, and free tuition assistance. You may also ask us about our free consultations to find out which program you need.

Meet Our Founder

Angela Williams is the founder and CEO of Change Your Story Inc. Angela is socially known as a businesswoman who loves helping and giving to others. She is originally from Mobile Ala but has been a part of the Atlanta community for many years. Angela has worked in the school system for 25 years as a volunteer and mentor to children and staff.

She is also a student at Georgia Military College and is majoring in business management. Also, she has received many awards which includes volunteer of the year in 2018 for the Fulton Co school system which is one of the largest school systems in Georgia.

Change Your Story Inc is based on helping women, teens, and girls succeed in all areas of their life. She is also bringing awareness to sexual molestation against children and sex trafficking of children and women. While growing up, her mom was addicted to drugs and alcohol and she never really had a family member to support her dreams and what she had a passion for as an adolescent.

Beginning in 2015, however, she began using pieces of her story to help with the development of her nonprofit. She also based the mission statement and purpose of her nonprofit off the name itself. Angela considers the tragedies of her story beneficial because she has never let those situations affect her negatively.

She is pleased with knowing that she can use her story to show women and teens that you don’t have to look and act like what you’ve been through and she considers herself to be a living witness of that.

Our Staff

  • B. Williams  Change Your Story . Board member
  • E. Chavannes Change Your Story Inc. Board member
  • M. Ross Change Your Story Inc Board member 
  • Charissa Cruz - Art Therapist, Life Nuggets LLC
  • Mrs. Cheryl Mckinley - CYS Department of  Education
  • Jenise Greene -CYS LPC Therapist 

Mission Statement

Our goal is to explore the real passion and talents of the hearts of women so that it may inspire and empower them to make a change.


“To whom it may concern,

It is with extreme enthusiasm we acknowledge Ms. Angela Williams and Change Your Story Inc. (CYS) for their continued support and dedication to the students of the South Learning Community and Renaissance Middle School.

Ms. Williams and CYS has served as a pillar of the Renaissance Middle School community for several years. Their vivacious spirit and tenacity for supporting our youth has been a huge contribution to our staff and students. Angela and CYS has a selfless spirit and takes on task without a doubt or a question. They do an excellent job assisting with duties and responsibilities that align with the day to day affairs of the school and with all of our after school activities.

Angela and CYS are highly creative and has lead a cultural shift in our building while supporting our students in need. Our students and staff respect her; the staff of CYS and our children and staff truly appreciate CYS. It is my hope that your organization recognizes the high potential of Change Your Story Inc., Its aptitude, captivating spirit, and relentless desire to impact change on a social level. CYS serves as an outstanding pillar of the community.

Educationally yours,”

( Renaissance Middle School)

How We Can Help