picture of Change Your Story founder and CEO, Angela Williams

Angela Williams

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of Change Your Story,  Angela Williams is the epitome of determination and compassion. 

Angela is socially known as a businesswoman, who loves helping and giving to others. She is originally from Mobile, Alabama, but has been a part of the Atlanta community for many years. Angela has worked in the school system for 25 years as a volunteer mentor to the children and staff. 

She is also a student at Georgia Military College, majoring in Business Management. Also, she has received many awards which include Volunteer of the Year in 2018 for Fulton County Schools, one of the largest school systems in Georgia.

Change Your Story is based on helping women, teens, and girls to succeed in all areas of their life. Angela is also bringing awareness to sexual molestation against children and sex trafficking of children and women. While growing up, her mom was addicted to drugs and alcohol and Angela never really had a family member to support  her dreams, and her passions as an adolescent. 

Beginning in 2015, however, she began using pieces of her story to help with development of her nonprofit. She also based a mission statement and purpose of her nonprofit off the name itself. Angela considers the tragedies of her story beneficial because she has never let those situations affect her negatively. 

She is pleased with knowing that she can use her story to show women and teens that you don’t have to look and act like what you’ve been through and she considers herself to be a living witness of that.

Meet the Team

Wendy Caudle

Co-Board Chair

Elizabeth Vega

Marketing Intern, Social Media, Fliers, Events

Destini Bray

Board Secretary

Latoya Lawson

Board Member

Angela Ross

Board Chair

Beverly Tate

Mentor, Advisor

Brigitte Schumacher

Board Treasurer
Additional Staff
 Cristal Sanders (Art Director)
Maggie Dunn (LPC)
Beranna Styles(Mentor)
Rhonda Davis (Tutor)
Alexander Perez (Graphic Designer Intern)